You Are a Theologian: An Invitation to Know and Love God Well (Hardcover)

You Are a Theologian: An Invitation to Know and Love God Well By J.T. English, Jen Wilkin Cover Image

You Are a Theologian: An Invitation to Know and Love God Well (Hardcover)


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2024 Christian Book Award winner, Christian Living category

The Gospel Coalition 2024 Book Awards, Popular Theology, Award of Distinction

WORLD 2023 Books of the Year, Honorable Mention

Theology can be intimidating. Perhaps questions like these have kept you from engaging with it: “What is theology?” “Who does theology?” “What happens if I get something wrong?”

Theology can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. Whether conversations about theology have felt out of reach, over your head, or irrelevant, consider this book an invitation to the dialogue.

The goal of theology is knowing and loving God well. This is a lifelong endeavor, a never-ending pursuit, not for the sake of knowledge, but for an ever-deepening relationship with God Himself. Authors Jen Wilkin and J. T. English invite you to become not merely a consumer of theology, but a contributor to the conversation, and to grow in faithfulness to the Great Commission’s call to make disciples.

You are a theologian.

You Are a Theologian addresses theological questions such as:
  • Who is God? The Doctrine of the Trinity
  • What is God like? The Attributes of God
  • What is the Bible? The Doctrine of Scripture
  • Who are we? The Doctrine of Humanity
  • What went wrong? The Doctrine of Sin
  • What has God done? The Doctrines of Christology, Atonement, and Justification
  • To whom do we belong? The Doctrine of the Church
  • How does the story end? The Doctrine of Last Things

JEN WILKIN is a Bible teacher from Dallas, Texas. An advocate for Bible literacy, she has organized and led studies for women in home, church, and parachurch contexts. She has authored multiple Bible studies and books, including the bestseller, Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds.

JT English serves as the Lead pastor of Storyline Church. He is the author of Deep Discipleship: How the Local Church Can Make Whole Disciples, and You Are a Theologian: An Invitation to Know and Love God Well. He is also a co-founder of Training the Church and a co-host of the Knowing Faith podcast. He received his ThM in Historical Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary and PhD in Systematic Theology from Southern Seminary. He is married to Macy English, and they have two children.

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