Playing The Game With Faith, Hope, And Love (Paperback)

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How do I handle having a crush? What if I'm helplessly romantic? Who is supposed to pursue whom? Why? How can I be sure this will work? How do I be friendly but not forward? What if I'm painfully shy? What if I just don't like boys? How do I know I'm good enough? What if I'm not attractive enough? What's wrong with me? Why is God making me wait Young girls can worry about everything when it comes to relationships with guys Maybe this very fear is what stops us from finding the answers. Wouldn't you like a carefree trust that could resolve all of your fears? If we learned to view it all with faith, hope, and love, then we could relax and love God, ourselves, and others like we should... That They Might Have Love is a series for all Catholic young women who want to seek God first in their love lives, and find greater love and joy, when they are single, dating, and married.
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ISBN: 9781093975017
ISBN-10: 1093975016
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 22nd, 2019
Pages: 98
Language: English