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This book is a true story about a man of God who reflects on his life and how God has brought everything full circle. As he writes this book he reveals and unravels how God used every single thing, every single heartache, every single feeling of being different, and used it for good. As you read this book, it will take you down the paths of his life from a boy until now and if it affects you as it did me, you will weep in the sweet presence of Jesus as you watch Jesus take this young boy who had to see and hear more than anyone should have to see and hear...and how Jesus took him into ministry and gave him a heart full of compassion for the lost and the love of his family and his desire to leave a legacy for his children. God has a plan for you too because Jesus is no respecter of persons. May this book enlighten you over some things in your life too. How this book came to be: Note from the Publisher I want to share with you how this book came into being. When it was time for this book to be published, God wanted it done quickly. I remember sitting in church one day and the presence of God was so precious. I heard the Lord tell me to give Him everything I had. So, I had a few dollars and reached in to give it when the Lord said, "You have a dime in the bottom of your purse." My purse is like a hurricane, I had to dump it out on the seat and there it was, the dime. I gave it into the offering plate that day. After the service Pastor Jimmy told me that God told him to write this book and he had another publisher in mind. But, in the middle of the service, God told him to use me. While I was in my office in my house typing Jimmy's book from audio, I heard my husband open the kitchen door and walk towards my office. I had the door closed and really didn't want to break the momentum, so I whispered, Lord don't let my husband interrupt me until I finish this book. I heard the footsteps come right to the door, then stopped. A few hours passed and I finished typing when I heard the kitchen door open and I heard my husband come in. I asked him if he had come in earlier and he had not. God had stationed an angel to guard the door so I could finish this book. Three years have come and gone since that day and we are re-publishing this book with a few different cover options, but the story is the same. This book is from God to you. I pray it helps you to be all that God created you to be.God bless you, Theresa J. NicholsPublisher.

About the Author

This book was originally written about 3 years ago when I was Senior Pastor of The Galilean World Outreach Worship Center. As part of my description, I include the Acknowledgements below. Currently, I am overseeing a business and doing more conference work after being on a sabbatical for the last few years. I have waited for God to open new doors for me and I have seen many new doors open in this first week of August, 2016. God uses transition to put us into new positions (although again, we may not see it at the time.) I know this is the acceptable time of The Lord to get this book out to you. I pray it reveals anything in your life and explains some unexplainable things in your life, and helps you to be all that God created you to be. May God bless you richly in your walk with Jesus. Acknowledgement from the book when it was originally written: I thank my Savior, Jesus Christ, first and foremost. Secondly, I thank my wonderful wife, Lisa, she has stood beside me through all the ups and downs and she still thinks I am worth it! I love you, Lisa. I thank my children, Brandi, Monica, Donna, Jamie, Angel, and Destiny. God has truly blessed me with you! I see the gifts and plans God has given you. My quiver is full, I love you very much. Thank you, Pastor Alinda Bohanon, my co-worker in this field at The Galilean World Outreach Worship Center! You are an amazing woman of God and it delights me to see how God uses you in your calling! Thank you to the team that surrounds me: Randy and Norma Haley, Rick and Gail Paschall, Ralph and Theresa Nichols, Rudy Haley, Brenda Bayer, Skip and Pam Painter, Phil and Zola Jackson, to name a few! I wish I could name you all, but I want you to know, I appreciate you and we are making a difference in The Kingdom of God! Thank you, Theresa Nichols for putting this book together and I thank Anna Penuel for the original cover! I appreciate you, may God bless you!
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ISBN: 9781535457545
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Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: July 23rd, 2016
Pages: 66
Language: English