She Cheated on the Both of Us (Paperback)

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The art of being in love is simply being free of yourself and what you think love is . . . For those of you that find this book I wrote it for you, I wrote it to share with you the beauty I found in someone that in another thousand lifetimes we would have still somehow met each other, and loved each other till our dying days. How do we process loving someone who already loves someone else? Usually that journey is traveled by choice; we somehow convince ourselves we will win our prize because we need our mistakes to make sense so that bad choice becomes the right thing to do in our minds. How do we as human beings handle that truth? How do we process in our minds that the one we gave our all to gave less to us? Do we even think about the reasons? Do we ask the questions that we dislike the most? Can the other person love you enough to be totally honest but not hurtful? Truthfully, guys, the best love in the world is the love that you give yourself because without loving yourself, you can't begin to see the beauty of that love in someone else. Sometimes a second chance to experience what it feels like to hold hands, to feel that gentle touch, to see the smirk of those cute dimples. Looking in those pretty eyes for a moment gives me peace in knowing what heaven feels like in the morning. But . . . through my broken heart, my spirit wrote this story that will change your life forever.
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ISBN: 9781641386272
ISBN-10: 1641386274
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: August 24th, 2018
Pages: 38
Language: English