A Dish for All Seasons: 125+ Recipe Variations for Delicious Meals All Year Round (Hardcover)

A Dish for All Seasons: 125+ Recipe Variations for Delicious Meals All Year Round By Kathryn Pauline Cover Image

A Dish for All Seasons: 125+ Recipe Variations for Delicious Meals All Year Round (Hardcover)


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A creative approach to seasonal cooking, A DISH FOR ALL SEASONS presents 26 adaptable recipes, each with four seasonal variations, for a total of more than 100 accessible recipes for creative weeknight cooking.

This practical cookbook flips the script on recipe books organized by season. Instead of dedicated recipes to Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter—which would mean three quarters of the book goes unused for three quarters of the year—this book features 26 go-to recipes, each with four variations. Every dish includes a base recipe—such as a simple frittata, Panzanella salad, sheet pan dinner, or loaf cake—plus four adaptations based on the season. Readers will also find simple instructions and formulas for creating original dishes, giving them the tools they need to improvise based on the ingredients they have on hand. With a photograph to accompany all 100 dishes, this is a versatile, repertoire-building cookbook will be a go-to resource for home cooks looking to create delicious, healthy food all year long.

SMART STRATEGY BOOK: This book teaches home cooks to cook creatively. With a base recipe, seasonal variations, and instructions for adapting the recipe using whatever ingredients are on hand, readers can choose to follow a seasonal recipe exactly, swap out an ingredient or two depending on what's available at their local market, or experiment with their own, totally original combinations.

GREAT VALUE: With more than 100 go-to recipes, plus instructions and formulas that let readers experiment, this cookbook is a great value. Like DINNER'S IN THE OVEN and other weeknight books featuring lots of photography and simple recipes, the package is as appealing as the content.

RECIPES WITH WIDE APPEAL: These are the kind of recipes that people actually cook on a regular basis—easy weekday staples such as oatmeal, hummus, quesadillas, sheet-pan dinners, penne pasta with meatballs—but with a seasonal twist.

Perfect for:

• Beginner cooks who want to master a few staple dishes
• Home cooks of all skill levels looking for easy, creative weeknight recipes
• Amateur chefs interested in updated basics
• People who like to cook seasonally and shop at the local farmer's market
Kathryn Pauline is a food writer, a photographer, and the recipe developer behind the Saveur award-winning food blog, CARDAMOM AND TEA, where she creates signature dishes inspired by her Middle Eastern American background and seasonal ingredients. She lives in Melbourne, Australia.
Product Details ISBN: 9781797207711
ISBN-10: 1797207717
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Publication Date: August 23rd, 2022
Pages: 256
Language: English
"In this impressive debut, Cardamom and Tea blogger Pauline provides readers with 'a repertoire of easily adaptable recipes' that showcase seasonal produce. […] Home cooks who like to color outside the lines will find plenty of inspiration."?-Publishers Weekly