Empath and Psychic Abilities: A Survival Guide for Highly Sensitive People. Guided Meditations to Open Your Third Eye, Expand Mind Power, Develop In (Hardcover)

Empath and Psychic Abilities: A Survival Guide for Highly Sensitive People. Guided Meditations to Open Your Third Eye, Expand Mind Power, Develop In Cover Image
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Psychic power is an ability to perceive, that which is beyond the normal human senses and through extrasensory perception. Humans have five senses: sight, smell, taste, sound, and touch. Although some call psychic abilities the sixth sense, people with psychic abilities generally have over-exaggerated human senses.

An empath is a person with the special gift of perceiving the emotions and feelings of other people as though they were their own without even trying. They are naturally tuned in to the energies floating around them. If an empath walks into a room and sits next to a person who's quietly mourning, the empath will pick up on the sorrow and experience it as though it were their own. An empath who lacks awareness of their gift can be deeply conflicted, as they cannot tell apart their own feelings from those of others.

Humans are born with psychic senses or psychic power but because this ability is not encouraged to grow, people tend to forget about it. Those who continue to pursue this power tap into it mostly when they grow up and begin looking into their spirituality or when they have a desire to connect with a higher being. A number of people can experience their psychic abilities on a day-to-day basis. Others cannot comprehend the weird senses they get while others chose to give psychic power other names such as intuition or gut feeling.

If life is a resume, then psychic abilities can be considered valuable points in it. Even so, it's not their existence that makes them important, but the fact that you can help other people by using them. It is like having a beautiful horse, one of a kind, but savage, that can't be ridden. That horse becomes truly special when you succeed in domesticating it and start using it for your purposes.

The goal of this book is simple

To help you understand the empathic nature much better and give you clear-cut techniques on how to shield your energy from harsh environments and also begin realizing your psychic potential and become confident and empowered as you journey into the world of psychic power.

Other things You will also learn in the book include:

- How to Develop your psychic abilities

- Aura Reading

- Spirit Guides

- What is an empath and how to recognize it?

- How to recognize if you are an empath

- Understanding the potentials of your energy and abilities

- How to stop absorbing stress and draining of energy

- Get into intimate relationships

- How to find the right work that feeds you

- The ways of developing yourself as an empath

And more than 3 hours of guided meditation for you

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ISBN: 9781802357530
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Publication Date: April 19th, 2021
Pages: 238
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