Uncover Satan Recover Thyself: A Rational Satanic Recovery (Paperback)

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When I first came into recovery in 2007 there was nothing around in terms of literature that came close to what I wanted or needed. There were alternative steps but every one of them changed the words that were hung at every meeting. I knew I needed to beat my addiction and I had found some hope in AA through the support of people in the rooms but I really struggled with the High power concept and the idea of a Christian God. To say I spat venom was an understatement. I had been a slave to my addiction and there was no way I was going to swap that for something else like a god who wasn't me. I was tired of being told "you can only do this if you accept a Christian God", so I thought...just watch me

Thus the book you hold in your hands was born. Based on over 8 years of continuous clean time, when I started writing, to this second edition where I am now over 11 years free from drink - still applying and evolving the processes so they continue to work for me.

"Use your voice and loudly say: I am a Satanist and I used these steps to get sober without your Christian God - and carry this message to other people seeking help in the fellowship who struggle with the monotheistic middle eastern death cult concept of 'God'." - Ben Dean

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ISBN: 9781916033603
ISBN-10: 1916033601
Publisher: Satanic Recovery
Publication Date: February 10th, 2019
Pages: 288
Language: English