Mama's Work Shoes Storytime with Author Caron Levis

join us for storytime with author Caron Levis and her new release of "Mama's Work Shoes"

Perry knows all of Mama’s shoes. She knows that the zip-zup shoes are for skipping andswinging in the park. She knows that the pat-put shoes are for splishing and splashing in therain. And she knows that no-shoes are for bath time and bedtime. But, one morning Mama
puts on click-clack shoes, and Perry wonders what these new shoes are for. When Mama dropsPerry at Nan’s house, and the click-clack shoes take Mama away for the whole day, Perrydecides she hates these shoes!Perry later hides the click-clack shoes . . . and all of Mama’s shoes, just in case. Mama then explains that the click-clack
shoes bring her to work in the morning, and they will also bring her home to Perry every single evening—clickety-clack fast!

Event date: 
Saturday, September 7, 2019 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm
Event address: 
8415 3rd Avenue
The BookMark Shoppe
brooklyn, NY 11209