The Unemployment Guide How a Setback Can Launch Your Career Melissa Fleury

Join us with author Melissa Fleury August 23rd at 7pm. 

I walked into work like any normal day and walked out laid off, confused, and worried about my next steps. What do you do when the job you’ve given your best efforts to tells you you’re no longer needed? Melissa Fleury unexpectedly faced unemployment and was left trying to figure out her next steps within her career, finances, health, and all the things in between. She used her period of unemployment to transform her life from going to a job she hated, to creating a career she now loves. The Unemployment Guide is an essential book for those that were laid off, fired, and are standing idle between unfulfillment at a “job” vs thriving in a career. Unemployment is a stressful and tricky transition to manage and this guide covers topics to help you successfully create a career on the other side. The Unemployment Guide shows you how to:- Master your mindset to move from shame to confidence - Get your finances in order and create a plan to sustain you during unemployment - Create a career plan that revamps your resume, optimizes your LinkedIn, and gets you in front of the right people- Manage your free time to become the best version of yourself This is an easy to follow guide with tips and resources you can immediately implement to take control of your unemployment. After reading this book, Melissa’s goal is to help her readers succeed in their endeavors past unemployment.

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Friday, August 23, 2019 - 7:00pm
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