You're Going To Walk Laurie Perlongo Zappulla

Laurie is a new author who lives for self-motivation, as well as inspiring others. Her daily challenges remind her to dig deep into her priorities and to face each ordinary difficulty and make something great happen from them. Her fierce dream of improving her situation begins with one small victory at a time. “ You can’t win the race if you haven’t prepared for it.”
She recently launched her new book, "You're Going to Walk"...her story of her 1979 SCI (spinal cord injury). She wrote the book to describe the Quadriplegic life—
Her life—it’s an expose' for those who don’t know about the daily struggles and hardships of paralysis. Laurie also hopes that the book encourages and gives a “hearty laugh” to her fellow injured. “You’re Going to Walk” is a story of hope and courage which can provide help to those experiencing a difficult time with their own physical or emotional well-being. We all share a certain pain in our hardships, depression and frustrations. She references the familiarity of challenges, and how to read the warning signs. Laurie’s message is to all of those who are suffering, those with chronic illness or disease; it crosses over to everyone who needs to find hope and encouragement to take on a new attitude and rise above it all! Laurie helps lead the reader forward; Keep seeking, keep knocking and keep wiping away tears so that you will find a new you!


All this time! 39 years. Ever since the beginning, people would say to me, “Wow, you should write a book.” They would engage me with questions about what happened. They wanted to know, and they still do. So, BECAUSE SOMEONE WILL ALWAYS ASK…I began one night to write this story that I have known so well. They say that everyone has a book in them. They have a story to tell. I never dreamed that my life story would be able to give hope to someone else. I knew it was amazing that I came back from a horrific injury, and thought it ended there. I have been wrong. People find it inspiring. They say, “that someone needs to hear this.”

Event date: 
Saturday, May 4, 2019 - 6:00pm
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8415 3rd Avenue
The BookMark Shoppe
Brooklyn, NY 11209